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Go for a bold cat look with the Kitty stamp!

Here’s a stamp that helps you make the perfect eyeliner line.

Ever wondered how to make the perfect eyeliner line? Kitty Stamp will do your eye makeup for you. The stamp helps to create an even and symmetrical line, the most difficult step in eyeliner application.


It doesn’t matter if you’ve been practising applying eyeliner for years and you’ve mastered it to perfection, or if you’re just taking your first steps in learning make-up and want to avoid the horror of the tedious and frustrating learning how to apply eyeliner. The stamp will save your time and quickly create symmetrical curls on both eyelids.

“If you use eyeliner but struggle with painting the perfect line (we all struggle with this sometimes) then this eyeliner is literally your dream come true.”

When you buy a particular model, you get two stamps (one for the right and one for the left eye)

How to apply?

1. Dry test

Before you start applying real eyeliner think about the effect you want to achieve, do you want the line to be more horizontal or vertical? Remember the rule that the line should be an extension of your lower eyelid line, not the end of your upper eyelid line.

2. Applying the Kitty Stamp

Apply eyeliner to the stamp. Don’t let it dry out – tap the area where you want the line to appear as quickly as possible with a quick and firm motion. Don’t hold the stamp on your skin, literally put the stamp on your skin and take it away immediately. You can repeat the whole process.


3. Drawing a line

The final step is to draw a line across the eyelid and blend it with the drawing on the eyelid. Fill in the gaps.

The cat line is ready!

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