I received two strips of eyelashes instead of four. What should I do?

The first impression after opening the packaging may be so 🙂 Eyelashes should be disconnected according to the instructions included in the package or tab on the page -“HOW DOES IT WORK?

I did not receive a parcel ordered via the Polish Post Office.

First of all, we recommend you check your mailbox – we know from experience that the postman very often puts parcels from us there. If it is not there, please contact us.

Are magnetic eyelashes safe for my natural lashes? 

Our magnetic eyelashes are very safe for natural lashes. The eyelashes are lightweight and do not weigh down the natural ones. What’s more, the lashes are securely wrapped on both sides with artificial clumps, allowing our natural lashes to grow in peace! We will be happy to help you choose the right eyelashes


Magnetic eyelashes are especially recommended for ladies who: 
– Have taken out extended eyelashes and have damaged natural ones 
– Are allergic to glue
Magnetic eyelashes safely wrap our natural ones so that they can grow and rebuild freely. We use very delicate materials and the magnets are tiny and do not affect the deterioration of natural lashes, on the contrary, they allow them to grow back. If your lashes are severely damaged or weakened, we recommend choosing a delicate, lightweight model. Models that are too large may prove to be too heavy – it’s better to leave them for later, when the natural lashes have grown out a bit. 
Especially recommended models: 


SEXY BOLD – COCO has 4 mini magnets and is ideal for women with very small eyes – if the strip with eyelashes turns out to be too long, you can easily cut off a piece of eyelash with one of the four magnets and thus adjust the length of the strip to your needs!

Which eyelashes are recommended if I wear glasses?

The models below don’t have tightly curled hairs, so they are the most common choice for people who wear glasses. The final effect also depends on how far the glasses are worn from the eyes.


How long does it take to apply eyelashes to my eyes?

Once you get the hang of it, application takes no more than a few seconds! We’ll be honest, no other product will give anyone such an instant captivating look.

No glued eyelashes.
No wasted hours at the beautician.
No more avoiding the gym or sauna. No fear of getting your lashes wet after application.
No smudged mascara.

Can I put on make-up when I am wearing magnetic eyelashes?

Of course! Magnetic lashes are designed to be like our own… so you can use eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, whatever you want and use every day! Which is exactly what you can’t do with eyelash extensions, where makeup options are severely limited.

How long can I use the lashes?

The longevity depends mainly on the eyelash wearer and whether the client treats the eyelashes gently, washes them with micellar liquid after removal if she has used eye shadow for example, or keeps them in a box after each removal or rather does not pay attention to this. Some customers’ eyelashes last for two months, others for four months, and even longer for ladies who only occasionally wear their eyelashes. It’s worth having a professional eyelash brush to help you maintain the original shape of your lashes and to remove debris from everyday use.

How do I look after my eyelashes?

If you have make up your lashes, wash them gently with micellar solution after removal and remember to keep them in the box paired together for better longevity. This means you will be able to enjoy nice looking lashes for longer. It’s worth having a professional spoolie brush to help maintain the original shape of your lashes and remove debris from daily use.

What if the lashes don’t match my eyes?

If you are concerned that the eyelashes will not fit, we recommend you to choose COCO. COCO comes with 4 mini magnets. If the lash strip proves to be too long, you can easily cut off a piece of the lashes along with one of the four magnets and thus adjust the length of the strip to your own needs!

I am allergic to glue, are CHARLENE lashes for me?

A large number of our clients are ladies who have become allergic to glue and were looking for a safe alternative for themselves. Our lashes are attached with small magnets, so as soon as the allergy symptoms stop you can start using them, as they do not contain a single gram of glue.

I am allergic to metal – can I use my CHARLENE eyelashes?

The eyelashes have small magnets, so it is not recommended to use them by people who are allergic to metals.

When will my package be shipped?

We strive to process orders as quickly as possible and fulfill them in the order they are placed. If the order has been placed during a promotion on the website (at a promotional, lower price) we reserve the right to deliver the package within 14 working days regardless of the chosen delivery method. Such situations are very rare, but sometimes the number of promotional orders is so large that we need a little more time than usual to pack shipments. Please be patient though, as soon as the package goes out an email will be sent out about shipping.

I currently have eyelash extensions – can I use magnetic lashes?

If you have only leftovers of the extensions, you can use magnetic lashes to hide differences in lash lengths and refresh your look. If you want to strengthen the effect after a fresh application – we do not recommend this solution. Magnetic eyelashes are an alternative to other methods, they should not be used at the same time.

How does it work? What do magnetic eyelashes hold on to?

The eyelashes have small magnets. Apply eyelashes from the top and bottom until the magnets connect. We encourage you to watch this short clip.

I don’t have natural eyelashes. Can I use magnetic eyelashes?

Magnetic lashes stick to natural lashes, in case you don’t have natural lashes, they won’t have anything to stick to.

Can eyelashes be returned?

For any returns, please direct your questions to the following email address: kontakt@charlene.com.pl. Our complaints department will answer all your questions and provide you with further steps to follow. 😊

Can I exchange my eyelashes for other eyelashes?

Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to replace eyelashes that have been opened from a sealed package – for hygiene reasons. Each package of eyelashes is sealed with a special seal that guarantees that the eyelashes in the package are sterile, clean and not used by anyone. Once it is opened, replacement with another model is no longer possible. 🙁


Properly applied lashes will not protrude at the corners. They need to be applied in such a way that they are placed as close as possible to our lash line. If any corner of the eyelashes are mismatched when you apply them, you can easily adjust them to the eye without pulling the entire lash. I recommend watching the instructional video: https://www. youtube. com/watch?v=GfqjdCSlRmM

What if the strip is too long?

If you are afraid that the belt will be too long – we recommend ordering the COCO model. It has 4 magnets, so you can adjust it according to your needs. Other recommended models are LILLY and DIANA.


The metal contained in our lash magnets is “Iron oxide black”. 😊

Why is the delivery time by post 2-14 working days?

Unfortunately, the Polish Post Office has its own rules. In the case of Courier delivery, we get an assurance that the parcel will be delivered within 3 working days.  Post Office on the other hand in the Regulations of using their services reserves the right to deliver the parcel even to 14 working days. However, most often it takes much shorter and packages are delivered even on the 3rd day after shipping 😊.

I am waiting too long for shipping.

Due to the large number of orders placed due to the reduced prices on the website, the processing time may be extended (according to the Terms and Conditions §6 Delivery Section 8. The Seller reserves the right to dispatch the order within 1-14 working days, regardless of the selected delivery method, if the Sales Agreement has been concluded with the Customer during the promotion period). 
We apologise for any inconvenience.  At the same time we make every effort to ensure that shipments are sent as quickly as possible.  

There is no receipt in the parcel. Why?

Our shop using the exemption referred to in item 36 of the Annex to the Regulation of the Minister of Finance of 28 December 2018. (Journal of Laws of 2018, item 2519) is not obliged to issue a fiscal receipt, and the basis for any complaints is the order number sent electronically to the email address or the data given when placing the order, which is saved in the system. We can also issue an invoice to a private person, while for the Complaint itself it is not necessary at all because we have all the correspondence in e-mails and in the system.

Can I wear lenses while wearing magnetic eyelashes?

Of course, there are no contraindications for wearing magnetic eyelashes together with lenses. Magnetic eyelashes are designed to behave like our own.