CHARLÈNE - O firmie

The CHARLÈNE brand specialises in one of the most innovative methods of eyelash extension that the cosmetic market has invented – magnetic eyelashes. The breakthrough solution provided by CHARLÈNE allows you to achieve a stunning look while taking care of the regeneration of your natural lashes.


Our magnetic eyelashes are loved by thousands of women in Poland and throughout Europe praising their handiness, solidity and price. It is an ideal solution for demanding women who do not want to choose between health and beautiful appearance; who do not want to waste time and money on long hours of visits to the beautician or tedious care of eyelash extension. CHARLÈNE eyelashes are the answer to the problems of many of us, active, busy and health-conscious women. 

What is the secret of the brand phenomenon?

At CHARLÈNE, we care about the satisfaction of each and every one of you. We are constantly working to improve our products and develop new ones. In addition, our company has a detailed quality control program to ensure the highest possible level of satisfaction for every woman using our products.

We constantly cooperate with a group of women testing our products, we conduct consumer research and observe global trends to respond to your needs.

We place a very high value on customer service. All this is to make sure that you are delighted not only with your new lashes, beautiful accessories but also with your interaction with the CHARLÈNE brand.