Two sets. A subtle foxy eye or a stronger, sexy extension.



This is the only double set where you get 2 sets of eyelashes in one package (8 strips)! You choose which set you like best. More subtle effect on the eye or stronger and longer curling of the tips.

Eyelashes created especially for cat eye lovers. By placing the lash halves in the outer corners of the eye, you will create a subtle look which is perfect for everyday use.

For those with a droopy eyelid who have struggled to wear a full strip of lashes, the halves will allow you to enjoy a new effect of extended lashes and a deeper look.

DIANA double set is a model for people who want to spend a minimum amount of time with their daily make-up to put on lashes. 

Thanks to two small magnets the application of half lashes takes very little time.

A little information for YVONNE and VERONIQUE lashes lovers – DIANA has a very similar structure, so if you love YVONNE and VERONIQUE models as much as we do, DIANA is also made for you.

For a better effect when applying the halves, we recommend gently masking your natural lashes.

  • DIANA model has 2 mini magnets.
  • As many as 4 pairs of lashes come in a box! (a total of 8 strips). One set has shorter, more subtle hairs. The other set is longer and more curly.
  • Length of the strip, on which eyelashes are attached: 15mm (additionally you can cut off up to 3mm and get a strip of 12mm in length)
  • Length of the lashes: 5-13mm

Measurement error can be +- 1mm.

The video below shows the model SEXY BOLD: YVONNE. For the application was used PREMIUM Magnetic Tweezers (link) 



The video below shows the model EXTRA VOLUME: MAYA. To apply these lashes with this method you will need 

 Magnetic Tweezers LONG LASHES (link)


  • Magnets are invisible on the eye
  • You take them off and put them on in a few seconds
  • The lashes do not weigh down your natural lashes, even with daily use.
  • They work well even with very damaged eyelashes and allow them to regenerate without giving up a beautiful look
  • Thanks to proper shaping, they perfectly fit the unique contours of each eye
  • Reusable
  • Thanks to the use of 2-3 magnets they do not stick out, do not slip from the eye as it happens with lashes of other companies
  • They stick perfectly to the eye – until you want to take them off.
  • Thanks to the use of the best materials they are ultra lightweight – you forget you are wearing them.
  • You can wear other make-up with them
  •  Very easy to take care of: just rinse them with micellar fluid
  • Optically enlarge and open up the eye
  • Conceals a drooping eyelid
  • Waterproof. Suitable for the gym, sauna, swimming pool or on holiday.

The model in the photo has large eyes. On a smaller eye lashes may appear longer and thicker.